Leader Wazir Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri

Dimanche 22 septembre 2013
Par Nayla Zreik Fahed

Time period (1877-1968)

Sayed Imam Shah (d. 1520) is mentioned in direction of incorporate produced a brisk mission within just Gujrat. He transformed a sure Khoja Jiva within Khambat, Gujrat. Khoja Jiva was perfectly rooted inside of Ismailism and he himself transformed significant selection of Kanabi caste of the Hindus, significantly Motilal, Daya Ram Nathu, etcetera. The descendant of Motilal migrated toward Surat for the duration of the period of Imam Nizar II (1585-1628), who deputed Sayed Abdul Nabi within just India, whose tomb is in just Kankara Khadi, in the vicinity of Surat. He was adopted as a result of the vakils, Hasan Pir (1652-1715), Sayed Ghulam Ali Shah (d. 1792), and so on.,

Motilal, the ancestor of Kassim Ali H. Javeri practiced Ismaili religion within just the mantle of a Hindu, and his descendants lived inside of different cloaks, shaded with the Hindu social customized for a prolonged period of time, and they grew to become recognised as the guptis. They done the spiritual services within the home of Jedas Prabu for 75 a long time in just Surat. Afterwards upon, the home of the forefathers of Kassim Ali H. Javeri was employed for 45 several years as the Jamatkhana, exactly where Imam Aga Ali Shah is mentioned towards consist of frequented for 5 occasions.

The gupti Ismailis of north Gujrat deserted the scarf of concealment, chopping down the Hindus customs, and unveiled them selves as the Muslims with the orders of the Imam at the close of 1914. Bhagat Ramji Shivji Mehr Ali (1844-1919) came within Surat with an expressed hungry shark world hacks farman of the Imam for the gupti. In the meantime, a community newspaper within Surat, named « Deshi Mitra » propagated towards the gupti Ismailis. It gave the guptis power and braveness towards make clear their genuine personality within community. The initial community comprising of 70 client arrived in advance and launched them selves upon June 10, 1915 and Islamitized their names. In between them, Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri (Hindu status Chhabildas Harkisandas Javeri), and his brothers, Didar Ali Hasan Ali Javeri (Hindu reputation Dayabhai Harkisandas Javeri), grew to become the Mukhi and died within 1919, Nuruddin Muhammad Hasan Javeri (Hindu track record Nanabhai Harkisandas Javeri), who died in just 1954; and Karamali Hasan Ali Javeri (Hindu reputation Kalidas Harkisandas Javeri) grew to become popular as the Ismaili Muslims and deserted the Hindu customs. They way too written their Islamic names inside the Govt Gazette and put a signal board upon their Jamatkhana, designating it as the Shia Imami Ismaili Jamatkhana.

Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri was born upon Could 12, 1877 within Surat. His surname was Dhupelia as his dad Hasan Ali’s (1844-1924) occupation was within the incense, a form of fragrant material, known as dhup. Before long later on, his surname turned Javeri for his business enterprise in just jewelry. His dad Hasan Ali died upon March 29, 1924 at the age of 80 many years. Kassim Ali was a top investor of the diamonds inside Bombay. In just 1897, any time the 1st romance of the Imam solemnized within just Poona, the gupti Ismailis of Surat administered an quality settlement and grew to become acquainted in between the Ismailis.

In just 1900, Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri went towards Europe upon his mercantile holiday vacation and lived in just Paris, where by he and his brother, Alijah Nuruddin Muhammad Hasan Javeri (d. 1954) erected M/S D.N. Javeri & Co. He generated a Jamatkhana inside of his household with Murad Ali as Mukhi and Ashad Ali Haji as the Kamadia. His brother, Alijah Nuruddin Muhammad helped as the Mukhi amongst 1907 and 1909.

Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri returned in direction of India in just 1908 for the duration of the Haji Bibi Circumstance and developed a letter which was 120 yrs outdated inside of the courtroom. Imam Shah Khalilullah Ali experienced bestowed it on his 2 ancestors, specifically Shivlal Prabu and Waja Mulji, and clarified that the tithe and choices made available toward the Imam, surely belonged just towards the Imam. He moreover refuted that the improvement of Ismailism was not originated in advance of 50 a long time.

He yet again went toward Paris and returned toward India within 1914 and lived inside Surat. He begun towards provide the jamat with his performance and electricity, and resolved eventually inside of Bombay simply because 1920.

Inside 1922, he was appointed the Kamadia of Darkhana Jamatkhana of Bombay. He moreover grew to become a Own Secretary of the Imam within 1926. Within just 1930, Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah shipped him in direction of Syria as his one of a kind commissioner. In just 1932, the Imam appointed him as a Leader Mukhi.

Muhammad Ali, the son of Leader Wazir Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri, Bar-at-regulation, grew to become the 1st Ismaili in direction of locate the diploma of LLB (Hon.) within just London within just 1933.

It is further than ability in direction of convey his rewarding products and services he experienced prolonged throughout the Golden Jubilee in just 1936, and was awarded a Gold Medal with Chevron and Specifically Bar.

Girl Aly Shah still left for Iraq within January, 1938. Distinctive settlement had been intended for her consolation, and for that motive the Imam took with him Hussain Ali, the son of Leader Wazir Javeri via air towards Basra, where by he manufactured all prospective preparations for her serene and comfortable landing.

The initially conference of The Aga Khan Legion was kept upon December 12, 1940 at the property of Joint Mukhi Rai Kassim Ali Manji Nathu of Darkhana. It was presided via Prince Aly Khan in the direction of overview the preparations and the price range for the Diamond Jubilee. Leader Wazir Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri offered his diamond ring of Rs. 6000/- with massive revenue towards Prince Aly Khan, manufacturing it an auspicious initiative.

He as well attended the initial Ismaili « Mission Meeting » saved in just Dar-es-Salaam upon July 20, 1945.

He was consigned toward afford to pay for the excursion of Europe in direction of set up the diamonds and carry them properly towards India for the Diamond jubilee inside of 1946 with Wazir Abdullah Sumar Shivji (d. 1960). It was sure a hazardous assignment, which he finished soon after some 1st difficulty. The diamonds towards London Diamond Syndicate designed a 5 thousand mile trip against England within just H.M.S. Derbyshire. He was a wwe supercard hack cheats veteran chief, consequently was a outstanding social employee. Any time the Imam manufactured his excursion of didar within India, he took all obligations of the preparations upon his shoulders.

He bore the name of Leader Wazir in just November, 1949 and grew to become the very first towards be graced with this honorific conferment, and none else merited until this working day. The Council, jamats of Darkhana, Kandi Mola and Hasanabad, the Ismailia Affiliation and other establishments honoured him inside a grand reception. The Ismailia Affiliation moreover gave him a reception, and President Alijah Ghulam Hussain S. Thaver spelled out his solutions within just his speech. The Globe Brain of the Ismailia Affiliation, Huzur Wazir Ali Mohammad Macklai spoke inside his speech that, « I understood him every time I was 8 a long time outdated. The Jamatkhana of the guptis existed at C.P. Tank, wherever our Establishment commenced its initiative performs. He nevertheless seems the very same currently, as he did then, 50 several years back. The Imam commanded the guptis in direction of describe them selves within 1914. Kamadia Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri did not be reluctant, yet conquer the problem quickly and responded the Imam’s get in touch with at at the time. I by no means uncovered him loosing his character. »

He as well rendered his a must have providers in direction of the residents of Bombay. The Bombay governing administration vested him the name of Khan Bahadur in just appreciation of his expert services.

Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri was additionally a member of Bombay Council, and the founder member of the Federal Council for India. His companies in the course of the Platinum Jubilee have been outside of evaluate. He furthermore rendered his providers in the direction of the Diamond Jubilee Belief and Platinum Jubilee Investments Ltd. He helped the Ismaili jamat inside alternate capacities for relating to 50 several years.

Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah summoned a meeting of the Ismaili delegates within just Cairo in direction of study the get together of the Platinum Jubilee on the completion of 70 a long time of his Imamate. Leader Wazir Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri too attended upon behalf of the Indian jamats. The delegates explained mutually inside the early morning and fulfilled the Imam inside of the night time upon March 15, 1951 within just Resort Semiramese. The Imam emphasised that the computer software really should be labored out upon the practice of Golden and Diamond Jubilees in the direction of boost the social and inexpensive illnesses of the Ismailis. The Imam, Mata Salamat and Prince Aly Khan invited them upon following working day for a lunch at Mohamedali Club and graced them with a image.

The Imam frequented India once freedom in direction of check out the jamat inside of 1950 and 1951. Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri’s exercise was impaired, however, he stood inside Imam’s support actively.

Within 1946, the Imam shaped a Diamond Jubilee Belief. Later on upon, some participants stood versus the Believe in within just 1953. Muhammad H.H. Premji and his colleagues submitted a in shape towards the Belief inside of Bombay Higher Courtroom. The Leader Justice and Justice Tendukar probed the difficulty, and ignored the circumstance and gave verdict within favour of the Have confidence in upon September 14, 1953. Leader Wazir Kassim Ali Javeri performed a imperative purpose within just its prosecution. The Imam delivered a concept toward the Council for his admirable purpose upon September 17, 1953 that, « For the most straightforward reconciliation within Diamond Jubilee Circumstance, I am incredibly satisfied. All the Ismailis in just India will keep in mind him for at any time for the final result of reconciliation. »

It is in the direction of be claimed that some irresponsible These lifted some unbearable uncertainties within just Poona. Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri supplied a lengthy speech within Narangi Bagh Jamatkhana in the direction of crystal clear the uncertainties. The gist of his speech was composed in just the « Platinum Jubilee Bulletin » (Bombay, January 15, 1954), inside of which he mentioned, « The glory of Imam Aga Shah Khalilullah was which includes an emperor. The daughter of the Iranian king was the spouse of Imam Hasan Ali Shah, who inherited large ornaments and significant prosperity in just dowry. Because of towards some disputes, Aga Hasan Ali Shah arrived within India and introduced his prosperity with him. The belt of the Imam was embedded with diamonds and pearls of million rupees. The significant diamond stubbed in just the buckle of yet another belt price lac of rupees and I include observed a together with belt worn by way of Pir Shihabuddin Shah. The treasure of Aga Hasan Ali Shah was inexhaustible and comprehensive of gold. All those are the info of my personal knowledge. He was therefore generous that the gold bars were being offered absent in just charity all the days. Within just outside of, the Ismailis in just India had been not as innovative as they are by now, the moment scarcely 75 Ismaili people resided within Bombay. The Imam guided and financed them inside organization fields. He confirmed colleges and other welfare businesses. At present, People Ismailis maintain a entrance rank in just all fields as a innovative local simply because of his instructions. Moreover, they incorporate develop into Wonderful buyers within just other nations around the world. The Imam would check out the Jamatkhana upon each individual Saturday within just Poona lengthy in advance of 50 several years. The Ismailis of Bombay way too arrived inside Poona for didar and blessings. They stayed in just a substance precisely contrary the railway station. They were being fed each day against the kitchen area of the Imam, termed as anbar, investing Rs. 50,000/- for each thirty day period. Just about every 2 Those ended up offered more than enough foods that would be sufficient for 12 people today. The Imam invested colossal degrees for his fans. The royal charity of the Imam regardless of solid and creed is effectively recognized inside of the global. His monetary guidance is ongoing in just health and fitness and schooling fields for the welfare of the enthusiasts. The Ismailis ought to have an understanding of Those info and be not misguided in just the present propaganda and continue to keep their religion business. »

Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri was moreover invited towards Cairo towards go to the token rite of the Platinum Jubilee upon February 20, 1955. The rite was kept within just the Cleopetra Corridor of Resort Semiramese, attended by means of 62 delegates. It was a solemn rite of 20 minutes. The Ismaili leaders highest humbly furnished 70 gold ginnies in the direction of the Imam, which was graciously approved. Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah provided the very same gold ginnies towards the delegates. Aside from, the Imam too available it toward Leader Wazir Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri and Wazir Abdul Hamid Ali.

His priceless and unstinted providers can be judged towards the immediately after concept of the Imam, which was mailed in direction of him upon February 1, 1956 that:-

My pricey Kamadia,

Oneself put in your comprehensive lifestyle serving me and if I am toward supply yourself blessings, I include toward do it all times and each individual working day for the take it easy of my lifetime. Nonetheless I notify your self how Really considerably I love your lifetime extensive company.

Oneself experienced the luck in the direction of be born more than the very same year as myself. As a result by yourself helped me just about every working day of my lifestyle practically I consist of in direction of generate this towards yourself simply because in another way I would include in direction of create from time to time my blessings in the direction of oneself.

Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri frequented Cairo in the direction of view the Imam and made available expert services upon behalf of the Indian jamats. The Imam shipped just after concept throughout the Federal Council for India upon February 11, 1956 that:-


My Leader Mukhi Vazier Kamadia Kassamali furnished companies and dastboshi all Bharat jamats. I send out my optimum loving click great website excellent paternal maternal blessings in the direction of all. My favored non secular little ones of all Bharat at any time within my idea and conclude in direction of my centre.

The romantic relationship of Rahmat Banu, the daughter of Itmadi Hussain Ali Javeri, the son of Leader Wazir Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri was carried out as a result of Amir Ali, the brother of Rely Abdullah Hashim Gangji of Africa, upon March 4, 1956 at Vallabhai Patel Nationwide Stadium, Bombay. Prince Aly S. Khan attended the marriage.

Throughout the previous times of his existence, his fitness deteriorated and demanded significantly treatment. He at very last died upon Tuesday, Might 28, 1968 at Bombay. The Imam delivered right after telegraphic information:-

Geneva: June 1, 1968
Was significantly grieved in the direction of listen of unhappy death Leader Vazir Kassum Ali Javeri. I send out my utmost affectionate paternal maternal loving blessings for the soul of late Leader Vazir Kassum Ali Javeri and pray for everlasting leisure unwind his soul. Late Leader Vazir Kassum Ali helped my India jamat very well and loyally for quite a few many years and will be significantly ignored as a result of my jamat and myself. I mail my excellent loving blessings toward Javeri household for braveness and fortitude inside their reduction.

His sons Itmadi Hussain Ali and Itmadi Hashim Ali ongoing in direction of provide the neighborhood upon the footprints of his dad.

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